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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summertime Work

Sorry it has been a while since my last post.  With the holiday season's travels and the birth of my son Colt, writing has been the last thing that I have had time to do lately.  Thank the good Lord that he sleeps all night since we brought him home!  He has taken up all my spare time and I enjoy seeing him learn and discover things for the first time.

This time of year is the time for putting the fall hunting season preparations into place, clearing and planting food plots, cutting limbs on the way to the stand, creating multiple paths to the stand, getting the camp fixed and ready for a new season and getting trail cameras out to track your deer herd.  All these things are important and given the pleasant summer weather of 100+ degrees, it is just as important to keep and eye on not getting overheated.  Prevent this by taking plenty of breaks, having water and some kind of an electrolyte sports drink (Gatorade, Powerade or Advocare's Rehydrate).  They will replenish what you sweat out of your body and keep you hydrated. 

With the growing popularity of cell phones, the cellular coverage areas have dramatically expanded.  They may be a hassle, but keeping your phone on you in case of emergencies while you're out working on your hunting land is very important.  They are great for calling for help if and accident happens or also keeping and eye on the weather.

Here's a starter check-list of things to get done before season starts.  There's always more to get done, but this should at least get the ball rolling.
  • Check/place trail cameras
  • Check/build stands
  • Clean trails to stands
  • Soil test food plots and maintain
  • Camp work (clean, fix, etc.)
  • Check all hunting equipment
    • Bows are sighted in and maintained properly
    • Arrows are all fletched and sighted in with broadheads
    • Rifles are sighted in
    • Camo still fits and is in good shape
    • Packs are in good shape
  • Map property for possible new stand locations
  • Spend time on the property
The last one is important, because you never know how for a blood trail will take you and knowing your property helps keep from getting lost.

Good luck getting everything done and stay safe!